Hops Signature Beers

At Hops we exclusively brew our beers inside the restaurant from our original recipes. Our beers are handcrafted using the finest domestic malts and high-quality liquid yeast. We consistently offer signature beers at all of our locations and brew seasonal beers throughout the year.

Clearwater Light
Named after the original Hops, Clearwater Light is a remarkably clear and light beer that will appeal to American beer drinkers.
Lightning Bold Gold
A golden hued, medium bodied, lager style beer, it is a refreshing alternative to a classic lager style beer. Finished with imported Saaz Hops, our Lightning Bold Gold promises a smooth finish.
Hammerhead Red/
Thoroughbred Red

This classic American amber ale is brewed with caramel malts to balance the hops with the malt sweetness and to add rich color. Regardless of the beer changing names in different regions, this beer is a nationwide favorite.
Alligator Ale
Our Alligator Ale is a rich mahogany colored ale with a surprisingly smooth finish. This beer is perfectly balanced with flavors of dark malts and hops.
  Golden Hammer/Golden Thoroughbred
A smooth blend of two of our most enjoyable beers; Lightning Bold Gold and our smooth signature red beer. This Brewmaster blend is appealing to both the lager and ale drinkers.
A rich & flavorful mix of our full-bodied Alligator Ale and our smooth signature red beer.
Raspberry Brew
A refreshing blend of raspberry-flavored liqueur and your favorite Hops signature beer or our seasonal brews.
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